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Spring Pool Opening     $225.00
When its FINALLY  time to get the pool opened, leave it to a swimming pool service professional.

From the equipment to the water chemistry balance, we help get you off on the right foot. This helps to avoid most problems associated with improper chemistry. IE. algae, pool equip damage….
Our professional Spring Pool Opening will have the average pool ready to swim within 24-48 hours!
-  Remove and fold cover(s)

-  Remove all winter plugs

-  Re-install ladders, rails

-  Reassemble pumps, filter, heater and pool cleaner

-  Prime, Start-up and bleed air from circulation system

-  Inspection of all equipment for proper operation and leaks

-  Heater maintenance service- recommended to increase 
    efficiency and life.

-  Chemical Analysis and initial balance of water 
    (Price includes PH adjustment, Shock & Clarifier)
     (Additional chemicals may be needed at additional cost)

-  Detail vacuum of pool and/or spa.
     (Additional cleanings may be needed, depending on pool condition)

-  Programming of automated control systems or timers. 
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