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Pool Maintenance
We'll handle the work...You have the fun!!!
We Need Your Assistance With The Following  

     Keeping your water level maintained. We are not responsible for adding water to the pool 
     (If you supply a water timer device, you may request that your technician to turn it on for you)

Chemicals to keep on hand:

     Please keep these products on-site to allow for proper pool maintenance.  We can also provide you           with these chemicals as need at a competitive price.

​   - Sanitizing Tablets  (ex: Chlorine, Bromine or Salt for a saltwater pool)

   - Sanitizing Shock

   - PH Increaser (Soda Ash) 

   - PH Decreaser (Muriatic Acid)

   - Algeamycin 2000

Service pricing per  month

     Weekly - $ 200.00

     Bi-Weekly - $120.00

     Monthly -  $80.00

Every Service Inclues:

    -   Surface skimming, pool vacuuming and tile

    -  Cleaning out skimmer, auto cleaner and pump 

    -  Backwash and recharge filter as required

    -  Testing and adjustments of water chemistry  
        (and salt level if applicable)

    -  Inspection of pool equipment and operation 
       (This prevents minor issues from turning into 
        larger expenses)

    -  NO contracts or commitments- continue only as 
       long as you are satisfied.