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Automatic Pool Cleaners
Baracuda MX 8   $549.00
Suction Cleaner
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  - X-Drive Technology - Optimal navigation intelligence for   
    aggressive floor and wall cleaning

  - Flex Power Turbine - Ultra-efficient power source provides 
     maximum torque while operating at low flow, not burdening 
     the pool system.

  - X-Trax - Extreme maneuverability, even in tight corners
    Cyclonic Suction - Wider cleaning path and largest debris 

Technical Details

  - Premium suction-side cleaning robot

  - Operates in all inground pool

  - Includes 36 ft. of hose

Baracuda G3    $395.00
Suction Cleaner

  - Long-Life™ Diaphragm - Superior, reliable one moving part   
     technology. No gears, wheels or flappers for simple, silent operation  
     and low-cost maintenance.

 - 36-Fin Disc - Ensures maximum adhesion on all pool surfaces, and 
    eliminates hang-ups on lights, drain covers and fittings.

 - Wheel Deflector - Enables enhanced agility for negotiating tight     

 - Patented Quick-Release Cassette - Provides quick and easy access to 
    the diaphragm for simple maintenance.

Technical Details

  - Suction-side cleaner

  - Operates in all in-ground pools

  - Connects directly to skimmer or dedicated 1.5" vacuum line

  - Includes 36 ft. of feed hose

See it in action